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Wire Saw Cutting


Diamond wire sawing allows almost any large concrete or masonry structure to be cut where other methods are not feasible. It is an ideal tool for cutting and removing reinforced concrete, such as bridge sections, jetties, columns or beams. Diamond wire sawing is particularly useful when extremely thick and/or awkward shapes need cutting.

A diamond beaded sawing wire can be wrapped around almost any size or shape of reinforced / mass concrete or masonry structure.

The wire is fed through a series of pulleys, and tensioned to suit the operator’s requirements. Once positioned, the diamond sawing wire is pulled and rotated around the object at 25 linear meters per second. This enables the diamond beads attached to the wire to cut the material as it is pulled through.

Diamond Wire Cutting produces less kerf and wasted materials compared to solid blades (slurry wire may be similar). On very expensive materials, this could save hundreds or thousands of dollars of waste. Unlike slurry saws that use bare wire and contain the cutting material in the cutting fluid, DWC uses only water or some fluid to lubricate, cool the cut, and remove debris. On some materials DWC may not need water or cutting fluid, thus leaving a clean dry cut.

The wire is cooled and flushed by free flowing water at all times: this helps to ensure the ease of cutting and minimize overheating whilst in operation. As the wire is pulled through the object, any excess wire is stored onto a series of pulleys and stacked within the looping system. Our diamond wire sawing machines are powered by electricity.


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