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Diamond drilling contractors | Diamond drilling services

Diamond drilling process is widely used in the industrial and the construction sectors nowadays. This helps in drilling through any material – quickly and efficiently. The process offers a number of distinctive advantages. The diamond drilling process is precise and accurate. We perform it at the highest industrial standards. Increased accuracy means, reduced risk of structural damage. In the process, less debris is produced and this saves time and the disposal cost. At the top, it’s suitable for any working environment. It generates very little sound and thus, there is no noise pollution. It’s possible to conduct diamond drilling work in even adverse environment and circumstances. The equipment being lightweight and portable, can be used in the most difficult situations. The equipment is accurately utilized in underwater and confined spaces. The equipment can be operated remotely. Though, the limited size of the drill bits also limit the size of the drilled hole, but to overcome this problem, we employ stitch drilling process. In this process, by drilling a number of overlapping holes, we produce large and unconventional shapes. CTS is the leader in providing specialized construction process like diamond drilling. We’re proud to say that our team is highly professional and holds the required certification and accreditation. Our company is the obvious choice of many clients.

Diamond drilling and Coring is a quiet, non‐percussive way of forming holes and openings. The result is free from bursting or spoiling and requires little or no reinstatement work. Water and dust control attachments can be used when work occurs in a clean environment.

There are two main types of diamond drilling used: wet drilling and dry drilling – both techniques providing precise holes through all types of base materials such as mass concrete, reinforced concrete, brick masonry, and block work.

Different attachments range from trailer mounted coring rigs, hand‐held drill motors, twin column assemblies, and automated rigs, all of which are used and specified to suit all drilling environments. Having the right drill rig and set‐up can be the difference between a successful and non–successful operation being carried out. To make precise holes in the range from 12mm to 1000mm diameter reinforced concrete. Core drilling can make holes at size of 50 mm dia. up to 1000 mm dia. up to 5m long.


  • Test core Diamond Drilling.
  • Opening penetrations for cables, pipes and ventilation holes.
  • Deep hole Diamond Drilling and angular Diamond Drilling.
  • Coring and Fixing of Chemical Anchors for steel structures.
  • Core Drilling, Cleaning the holes and injecting Epoxy for fixing Rebar’s/ Steel Rods.

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