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Earth Pit Boring

Earth Pit Boring

Earth Pit Boring Dubai | Boring Contractors in UAE

CTS is known to have modern and latest boring machines that are suitable to your pit-depth needs. We perform excellently even in head room restrictions for earth pit works. The hydraulically operated drilling rig machines have newest technology and have the capacity to drill 80 meters depth down the earth. It can make earth pit hole having 3.5” and 4” DIA, which can be used for many purposes like electrical earthing, borewell, soil investigation etc. Drilling hydraulics is considered as one of the most important factors in drilling performance. We use state-of-the-art technology to increase the rate of penetration for hydraulics drilling. Our innovative actions not only significantly increase the rate of penetration but also minimize the drilling cost. The goal of the optimization is to make the maximum use of the drilling equipment. We minimize the energy loss due to the friction in the circulating system and further use the saved energy. Our hydraulic drilling equipment spread has a smaller footprint that requires smaller drill string diameters, smaller OD and lighter BHAs, and smaller mud systems. Overall, our system requires less areal space for the equipment spread. Less equipment, lower pump rates, and smaller horsepower requirements also mean less fuel consumption and fewer air emissions. The weight of most of the equipment that we use is less and hence, offloading and spotting them require smaller lift equipment and the process is much less complicated. Our earth pit boring equipment are designed to be self-contained and able to manage the deepest, largest-diameter holes. 


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