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Controlled Demolition Contractors


Controlled Demolition Contractors | Demolition Services

Whether it is efficiency, safety, productivity or quality of deconstruction work you are looking for, demolition robots ensure all of the above, making it the ideal choice for your demolition needs. They help you save a considerable amount of time and money. These robotic machines often come with different attachments such as drop hammer, breaker, shear, breaker and claw. Remote controlled demolition robots are the ultimate choice when deconstruction work needs to be performed at underground shafts or in disaster sites. These robots are an urban approach to demolition needs.

Control is maintained by a human operator using a handheld console via either a direct cable link or by radio signals. The arm itself is as useful as the attachments that it holds at any given time. Impact tools, crushers, grapples, shears and others are available, most of these tools are powered by the same hydraulics that give mobility to the arm itself. The options for attachments makes these types of robots extremely versatile.

The advantages of robot demolition units are varied. They are highly durable and powerful. Although they are quite small in size compared to traditional machines, these robots can produce about five times more power and higher speed. The second biggest benefit of choosing these advanced demolition robots is they are compact in size and thus make a perfect choice of tighter spaces. In fact, they are designed in a way they can easily walk through doorways. These robots can also undertake demolition work for high-storey locations. The modern remote-controlled demolition machines are quite operator-friendly. These robots mostly run on hydraulic or electric power sources, so don’t produce fumes during operation. The removal of otherwise manual labor is attractive as the robot can handle heavy equipment with more poise and precision than the average human operator.

Use of advanced demolition robots is a perfect solution to many environmental issues contractors were facing so far. They produce little to no noise and vibration while cracking through structures. They don’t produce harmful fumes. They are extremely versatile to fit any complex demolition site condition. As they are operated remotely, they reduce accident risks considerably. Overall, they are the most environment-friendly choice for contractors and demolition professionals.

Workplace injuries from strain and physical labor are greatly reduced, in particular the reduction of HAV (Hand Arm Vibration) injuries. Further to this idea is the safety incurred from removing a human worker from the work area. This is particularly attractive if the work area is dangerous; half collapsed buildings may have risk of falling debris, for example, or the area might be contaminated with radiation, chemical or environmental hazard. In these cases, it is extremely desirable to keep workers out of the area and be able to complete the work by remote control. A last advantage is that robotic units are completely contained and are quickly deployed to the worksite. Having a demolition robot on site means you are likely have all the tools you will need to complete the job.



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